Uncle Richie, Uncle Bernie and Uncle Sammy … Lessons about money from 3 speculators


Speculation with fake money works … until it doesn’t … When it is only backed by belief, money is just ink on paper. By listening to Uncle Richie (the local), Uncle Bernie (the national) and Uncle Sammy (the world), we may question our money system and draw practical lessons for our daily lives.

Uncle Richie a/k/a Mr Monopoly a/k/a The Banker.

Uncle Richie prints fake money but he looks like a good guy because (1) he gives everyone the same capital to start the real estate speculation game, (2) that capital is a gift and not a loan, and (3) he has no expectations at the end of the game whether from millionaires or bankrupts. Non of this would actually happen in real life.

The Monopoly money devilish side. Good Uncle Richie has also an evil side as he encourages all players (1) to try to become the single entity to control the real estate market and (2) to rejoice in driving the other players into bankruptcy. Hurting family and friends feelings is not worth material gains, even in a game.

Uncle Richie lesson. Monopoly money is fake but family and friends are real. What if all world money was fake? Money can’t buy love. One day, the ink on money may evaporate and we should be prepared to stick together when that happens. Lesson #1: Loved ones are more important than money. Family unity is priceless. Cultivate your friendships old and new. They are irreplaceable. Be there for them.

Uncle Bernie a/k/a Mr Ponzi Scheme a/k/a The Stock Broker. Before the Monopoly game starts, Uncle Richie is the ultimate monopolist as he owns all the money and all the properties. Nobody knows how he got in that position and nobody is asking him to prove it. Unlike Uncle Richie, Uncle Bernie was facing the major challenge to make believe that his fake debts were backed by real assets. Uncle Bernie started as a respected stockbroker who even became Nasdaq Chairman. Later he gained the reputation of a magician as he would produce superior financial results regardless of the market volatility. In order to live up to his reputation, new money would be used to pay ongoing unusual returns rather than buying backing assets. At a certain point, Uncle Bernie had reached a thriving business with no assets at all. Master in manipulation, he would only accept new clients when sponsored by existing ones. This talented staging would last for decades until the tragic day when there was not enough new money to keep the snowball rolling.

Uncle Bernie lesson. In the Monopoly game there is a card to get out of jail, but not in real life for Uncle Bernie. Clients, friends and charitable organizations lost a lot of money and family tragedies followed Uncle Bernie downfall. Instead of creating misery to everyone, Uncle Bernie could have used his natural talents for good, such as becoming another David Copperfield. What if all the world debt was fake? Money can’t buy you talents. One day, the ink on money may evaporate and your talents may save your life when that happens.  Lesson #2: Talents are more important than money. Cultivate your own gifts, what you do better than others. Not only you will enjoy it, but who knows it may help you one day reinventing yourself if needed.

Uncle Sammy a/k/a Mr. USA a/k/a The Federal Banker. Backed by commodities, uncle Sammy has printed paper dollars forever. In 1944, the dollar would become the world reserve and Uncle Sammy would guarantee its convertibility in gold. In 1971 he decided unilaterally to terminate the gold convertibility (the Nixon shock) and the dollar continued to be printed at infinitum ever since without any backing other than their beholders beliefs.

Uncle Sammy lesson. Like for Uncle Bernie, Uncle Sammy has passed the critical mass where there is no more possible pause and control. Here is what Voltaire had to say in 1729: “Paper money, based on the sole trust in its printing government, eventually returns to its intrinsic value, which is zero.” Instead of wasting his monetary power in unnecessary wars and useless goods, Uncle Sammy could have used his experience more wisely. What if all the world debt was fake? Money can’t buy you experience. One day, the ink on money may evaporate and your experience may save your life when that happens. Lesson #3: Experience is more important than money. Never stop learning from your life events, especially when things don’t go your way. We learn nothing from our successes, only from overcoming hardship. Good judgement comes from experience, which comes from bad judgement!!

The 3 Uncles lessons. Loved ones, talent and experience are more important than money, but would be worthless without health. What good is it to waste an entire life making money only to pay the doctor at the end? Here is the final ranking of values: (1) Health, (2) Loved Ones, (3) Experience, (4) Talent and (5) Money. For most people money is number one, a priority worth revisiting.

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Are We Heading Towards The End of Cash? … Let’s Ask the Sun And The Moon


The sun, moon and lunar nodes as they relate to money, illusions and business cycles

Metaphorically, money is to our consciousness what illusions are to our unconscious. Symbolically, money relates to the sun (day, visible, conscious) and illusions to the moon (night, invisible, unconscious). Occasionally, when the sun, the earth and the moon are perfectly aligned, there will be an eclipse. Solar eclipses can only happen during a new moon (the moon is between the sun and the earth) and when the moon is close to its North lunar node. Analogically, we can associate solar eclipses with money eclipses and by extension with business cycles. This article will analyze the key correlation of the 18.6-year North lunar cycles with economic cycles. We will extrapolate findings to the future of money. In order to avoid reading disruptions, supporting astrological details will be presented at the end.

Right now the banking industry is secretly fostering the end of cash

The trend towards eliminating cash transactions already started in several countries. In the US, social security benefits can only be paid through either a bank account or a credit/debit card. Cashing checks is no longer available. A cashless society has become popular in Sweden. JP Morgan Chase prohibits its customers to store cash in their safe deposit boxes. French and Spanish people are only allowed cash payments in amounts up to €3,000. That ceiling is anticipated to come down to €1,000 by the Fall in France and Italy. Starting on January 1, 2016, clothing stores, gas stations and restaurants in Denmark will be encouraged to decline sales payments in cash. In South Korea 98% of all transactions are processed electronically and only 2% are maid with cash.

Real Money has progressively been replaced by book money

Central and private banks are insolvent. The astronomical global debts volume that caused the 2008 financial debacle has since grown exponentially. The situation that was bad then is much worse now. Banks kept creating more and more debts without any tangible counterparts. In fact, those book debts were created ex nihilo and scripted as book money, that would mysteriously become actual money. This is nothing else than a magic trick producing the illusion that fake money is real. The public is so afraid of the truth that they will rather be deluded than facing reality. Truth can be hidden for some time but not forever. Sooner or later the ostrich head will come out of the sand.

Preventing bank runs and allowing government-control over banking data

The end of cash remains one financial option to prevent bank runs. The logic is simplistic. If there is no more cash in the bank, then there is no more run to the bank for cash. Digital money runs are conceivable, but would be much less visible, much more controllable and payable with devaluated book money. Any defiance to new rules could easily be sanctioned by the bank account closing with major existential consequences for the account owner. If that was not enough, governments would now gain easy access to individuals, businesses and collectivities complete banking data, resulting for those entities a total loss of individual and collective freedom. Short of a street revolution –that will not happen– the end of cash is one of the rare remaining step to allow the financial collapse by kicking the can and defer the self-serving oligarchs own falls. Concerned with the day of reckoning, some heads of edge funds i.e. have already prepared their safe retreats by buying luxurious properties with airfield in New Zealand.

Notes and coins represents only a small part of the global money-debt volume

Would number of people withdraw large cash amounts from their bank account, Bank cash reserves wouldn’t last very long before being depleted. Unless dispositions are taken such as the end of cash, bank runs have some likelihood to happen. Banks’ interest rates now fell to the zero level and in some case have even dipped in negative territory. In that event, who will want to pay a bank to keep depositors money? A shoebox would be cheaper and safer. Negative interest is nothing else than a tax on cash. The FED wants us to believe that they plan to raise the interest later this year. The reality is that they can’t without precipitating a major financial world collapse. To the contrary, the interest rate trend is to progress even more in the negative territory. Be prepared for a new QE-4 instead when the ongoing Euro-QE plan will prove insufficient.

Another big chunk of freedom will be lost

The NSA spies on people cellphones, emails and social networks accounts. Those information are insignificant compared to accessing every person, business, public entity or country each and all banking transactions. Be prepared for official fake justifications, such as protecting you against tax fraud and dirty money. Moreover, authorities may force spending over savings to boost an anemic economy. The already anesthetized population will accept to trade even more true freedom for even more fake security.

What’s next

Digital money appears to be limitless. Just adding another zero with one finger on the keyboard is much easier and faster than printing 10 times more currency notes with ink on paper. The problem is that there not enough products and services on the entire planet to cover the amount of fake money. In fact, the percentage is as low as about 10%. As a result, mega-wealthy can only buy artificially inflated financial instruments with their fake money-debts. They are getting richer richer of weaker and weaker money. Money is not invested in the economy, resulting in inflation at the top (stocks prices keep growing without any relation to their economic values) and deflation at the bottom (salaries keep deceasing and so does the workforce volume). The US and Europe could agree in replacing all cash by electronic money, but China will not and the yuan would automatically fill the vacuum just created to become the de facto new world cash reserve currency. I believe that this is a sufficient deterrent to force Western Central Banks to only consider a partial end of cash.

What can we do in our personal lives?

Well, while a cashless society would solve some short-term financial concerns for the banking system, going to a 100% cashless society would require major changes in everyone’s life and substantial technological investments in the banking system. Resistances to changes will be very high, specially among all those who have neither credit cards nor bank accounts nor any budget for new banking charges.  On the negative side, I believe that cash will be more and more taxed by higher negative interests, money devaluation and indirect spoliations through fees and charges. On the positive side, I believe that the total cashless society is not on the horizon. We will end up with a compromised solution where large cash transactions may be eliminated and small cash denominations will still continue to circulate.

This being said, I firmly believe that for now your cash will be safer and more cost-effectively managed outside your bank than inside. De-bank little by little while it is still possible but keep your accounts open to cover your future months cash-flow needs as well as likely cash transactions limitations. Up to each one to make their own plan.

This conclude the narrative part of this article and below are the supporting astrological details.

A little bit of astronomy


The earth orbits around the sun in one year on a plane called the ecliptic (the yellow ellipse). The moon orbits around the earth in one month (the gray ellipse). The two points where the moon path crosses the ecliptic are called lunar nodes. The North (lunar) node is the point where the moon crosses from the South of the ecliptic to the North. The South (lunar) node is the opposite and always 180º away.

Now look towards the sky and imagine that you extend the ecliptic plane in all directions to the infinite. It will intersect the celestial sphere (stars) as a circle (not in the illustration). Imagine a circular ribbon centered on that circle and you just created the zodiac. Divide the zodiac in 12 equal segments and you now have the 12 zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, …).

Now extend the sun, moon and North node directions to the infinite. They will intersect the zodiac on 3 separate points. The sun will sweep the entire zodiac in one year, the moon in one month and the North node in 18.6 years. Note that the sun and the moon revolutions are in direct motion on the zodiac while the North node is retrograde.

Back to the future with Louise McWhirter

During the 20th century, Louise McWhirter was a well known financial and economic analyst who contributed many important treatises to the science of astrology.  In 1938 she wrote a book about the correlation between lunar nodes cycles and business cycles in general and stock exchange cycles in particular. Here is a link to a pdf free download of that rare book titled “Theory of Stock Market Forecasting”. The following handwritten graphic from the book summarizes her findings.


According to Louise’s theory, a general economic cycle takes 19 years to complete and parallels the 18.6-year cycle of the North node around the zodiac. As a result, the North node sweeps each of the 12 zodiac signs in an average of 1.55 year. To the axis 0º Taurus-0º Scorpio corresponds the normal state of the economy. To 0º Aquarius corresponds the worse “below normal” and to 0º Leo the best “above normal”.

It took Louise seven years of intensive research of past business cycles to reach to those conclusions. These were her findings in 1938. Now let’s jump to the 21st century and find out how well her theory fares in today so unpredictable world. Below is a graphic ephemeris of the North moon node cycles from 2000 to 2029.


The first thing we want to check is the 2008 collapse … bingo!!! 0º Aquarius –the worse “below normal”– happened exactly on the end of 2007-beginning of 2008. Now let’s look at what happened before. 2000 was ending the Leo sign –the best “above normal”– and the return to normal in 2003. What should have been a normal decline from 2003 to 2007 was artificially  manipulated (sub-prime) to fake prosperity through what was a fabricated bear market. In 2012 we were back to what should have been normal, but with artificially inflated stocks values (QE’s). 2017 should see a return to the best “above normal”. This will be the best time for the artificially deferred correction towards true values. The stars predispose but do not dispose.

Think globally, feel locally and act individually.

In light and harmony,

Serge Bernard