Become An Instant Astrologer & Make 10 Sentences About Yourself In 60 Seconds


In your natal chart, each of the 10 planets is positioned in one of the 12 zodiac signs. If your birth time is known, then each planets will also be positioned in one of the 12 astrological houses. Pairs of planets are also making special angles called aspects, but for now we will set those aside.

Step 1 – Fill your birth data in the form below

If birth is unknown select that option in the appropriate checkbox. Now you should see your natal chart.

Step 2 – Hover your cursor on the sun symbol

Hover your cursor on the sun symbol (circle with a dot) and you will see your sun sign in the top box, which you should likely be very familiar with. If your birth time is known it will also show  the sun in one house position. Remember the sign and the house. Then use the interpretation key below. This will give 2 (if birth unknown) or 3 sentence segments. Combine those into a full sentence. It will start with “You direct your life ….”

Step 3 – Hover your cursor on another planet

Memorize or write down the sign and house position for that planet. Use the interpretation key below and combine the 3 sentence segments into a full sentence. Do the same thing as many planets of your liking. In the process you can make up to 10 different sentences. Each will describe a key feature of your personality.

660x852-interpretation-keyStep 4 – Order the 30-page Astro-Selfie

Now that you understand the interpretation principles, I am sure you will want to find out how far a professional astrologer will go. This is where your Astro-Selfie comes in. Discover the full scope of your inner self in a very detailed and surprisingly accurate portrait. Your Astro-Selfie will also include the aspects interpretations mentioned earlier in the overview.

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