The Fate of USA Empire Life Cycle

2015-2022: USA last 7 years as the world superpower based on empires life patterns and Pluto cycles

All empires in history went from conquest to affluence to collapse.

Regardless of financial strength, political power and knowledge of previous history life cycles, no empire leader has ever been able to prevent its supremacy from collapsing. For instance, the successive Chinese dynasties would always rise, stay and fall regardless of lessons learned from the past. Empires life cycles would repeat over and over following a same cyclical pattern. In 1977, Sir John Glubb wrote an essay titled “The Fate of Empires” whose life periods are summarized below.


We can see that during 3 millenaries the average superpowers duration period has been consistently of about 250 years. Let’s note that the full 250-year cycle corresponds to about ten 25-year generations. This 250-year duration presents an unexpected consistency, especially if we consider all the major changes during the 3000 years in transportation speed and weapons sophistication, which has expanded territories conquests from local to global. Regardless of the historical period, the life cycle was always of about 250 years. Something bigger than their leaders was inclining empires to rise and also to fall. While we could seek a spiritual explanation of divine influence, we can also look at the sky from an astrologer perspective and find out that there are perfect correlations between the 250-year empires live cycles and Pluto’s 247-year orbital cycle. When a country is born, Pluto occupies a certain position in the sky, which eventually will return to the same position in about 247 years. That period corresponds to the entire superpower life cycle. In his essay, Sir John Glubb also revealed that all empires cycles in history have followed a same 8-phase pattern process, which is represented below.


The common phases of all superpowers life cycles.

I would like to clarify upfront that I am not an historian and am very interested of anyone’s comments about Glubb findings. In a nutshell, here are the empires 8 common phases and their corresponding heroes.

Phase 1: Outburst – Pioneers

Phase 2: Conquest – Soldiers

Phase 3: Commerce – Merchants

Phase 4: Affluence – Businessmen

Phase 5: Intellect – Intellectuals

Phase 6: Decadence – Athletes

Phase 7: Decline – Musicians

Phase 8: Collapse – Actors

While not necessarily of equal duration, each phase would last an average of about 41 years.

USA is now in the final phase of the superpower life cycle pattern.

The USA was born on July 4, 1776. That day Pluto was positioned at 27º33′ of Capricorn and will return to that same natal position during the years 2021-2023, which is about 246 years later as found with most of the historical empires lives. During that orbital period, transiting Pluto covered all angles from 0º to 360º with natal Pluto. Angles multiple of 45 degrees are critical and correspond to tensions during each of the 8 phases transitions. Below is a rudimentary historical outline associating USA superpower life cycle with Pluto orbital cycle.

July 4 1776 0º – USA Declaration of Independence is signed

1776-1806 Phase 1 – Outburst – George Washington

1806-1809 45º – The end of slaves trade

1809-1847 Phase 2 = Conquest – Wars and battles

1847-1851 90º – The gold rush begins

1851-1894 Phase 3 – Commerce – General Electric is born

1894-1898 135º – The income tax bill is passed

1898-1935 Phase 4 – Affluence – Roaring 30’s

1935-1938 180º – Orson Welles “War of the Worlds”

1938-1962 Phase 5 – Intellect – Disney movies

1962-1964 135º – John Kennedy is assassinated

1964-1981 Phase 6 – Decadence – Sex, drugs and rock & roll

1981-1983 -90º Bombing of the Beirut US Embassy

1983-2000 Phase 7 – Decline – The Lewinsky scandal

2000-2001 -45º – World Trade Center terrorist attack

2001-2021 Phase 8 – Collapse – Financial bubbles

2021-2023 0º – Projected end of USA supremacy

USA last 7 years of unipolar world supremacy.

Human death is unavoidable regardless of wisdom and knowledge about what happened to previous dead people, and so are empires that rise and live until their inexorable collapse. Superpowers life and death patterns will repeat itself whether their leaders study past history cycles or not. Cosmic life is bigger than human life. USA last phase runs from Pluto semi-square in 2001 to Pluto return to its natal position in 2022. It is worth noting the year 2001 amazing synchronicity between Pluto semi-square (45º), the historic empire transition from decadence to collapse and the September 11 terrorist attack. Now, during their last phase from 2001 to 2022, the USA will not give up its supremacy without a full fledge military, political, economic and religious war. The next financial bubble burst may be fatal and global. USA will win the battle against terrorism, but will lose the supremacy war against the rest of the world, where contenders such as China are already preparing themselves for the opportunity to fill the vacuum. This process started in 2001 and most USA power strategies miserably failed ever since. We are now seeing a growing world chaos that will likely expand into a worldwide war during the next 7 years until USA final supremacy collapse around 2022-2023. This will only mean the end of USA supremacy but not the end of the USA. As Britain continued to exist after its 1950 superpower collapse, so will the USA. By that time, China will still be in the early stage of its superpower cycle. A bi-polar world supremacy consensus USA-China will emerge for decades to follow.

Comments on this critical issue are welcome.

This topic is of the utmost importance for every one of us. We are not consulted about the world destiny, but some preparations could be very helpful for our survival. I am very interested in hearing your comments. Humans and superpowers will grow from birth to death. Nobody has found how to prevent tree leaves to brown during Fall and falling in Winter.

Poor Greek People Betrayed By Their Own Leaders

720x668-choiceI feel heartbroken for the Greek people. Tortured by the German, abandoned by the other countries and betrayed by their own leaders. All along, Greek loans funds never reached the Greek people. They mainly helped French and German banks speculating on Greece bonds high interest rates. Those loans issued with fake euros are now asked to be reimbursed with real euros. And if that was not enough, the money is imposed on the poor Greek people. How far can outrageous injustice go without condemnation?

Let’s not forget that Alexis Tsipras was the Party of the European Left nominee for President of the European Commission in the 2014 European Parliament election. All along Alexis Tsipras has been favoring the euro over his own people hope for independence. He should have reflected on Churchill vision before pushing his troubled country into an even more disastrous debacle.

“You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor, and you will have war.” — Winston Churchill speaking to Neville Chamberlain after the Munich Peace Treaty signed with Hitler in 1938.

The first European domino has fallen. German imperialism is now all about political conquest and no longer about economy. Who will be next victim? Portugal, Spain, Italy, France? German imperialism failed twice militarily. Will they succeed without a gunshot in their third attempt? The other European countries apathy surely give them a window of opportunity for revenge. Those countries appeasing attitudes evoke another Churchill quote.

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. Winston Churchill


Greece v/ EU – Update

660x371-draghi-merkel-europeOn February 3, 2015, I wrote an astrological forecast about the Greece-EU conflict. The entire article is reproduced below. Since then, everything happened exactly as I anticipated. Here was the then highlighted bottom line.

Greece should create a double currency system, keeping the existing euro for all international transactions and a new devaluated drachma (or Greek euro) only usable within Greece borders for daily use.

Today, 4 months later, an article published in Bloomberg Business titled “Could a Parallel Currency Help Save Greece From Drowning?” is coming to the exact same conclusion. I quote:

As Greece’s financial plight worsens, an odd idea keeps popping up: a parallel currency alongside the euro that would circulate inside Greece and be used to pay for anything from taxes to food and clothing. Even German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has said that Greece may need a parallel currency if talks with creditors fail, people familiar with his views told Bloomberg.

It is obvious that the new “Euro Drachma” plan must be implemented in the highest secret in order to prevent a massive panic. The “unexpected” revelation will happen when ready, likely during one weekend when banks are closed.

Below is the complete article titled “Will Greece stay in the euro or follow the Iceland model? A geo-cosmic approach to a complex geo-politic question.” I wrote in Smart Investors on February 3, 2015

A bigger problem than the conflict between Greece and the EU is at stake here. The recent Greek parliamentary elections gave a democratic strong voice to a population victimized by the world finance. A similar oppression is being felt by other European countries, such as Spain and Italy. On the international level, Greece is forging a new anti-EU alliance with Russia, but is counting in the last resort on the USA influence to help resolve its EU war lead by Germany. Beyond the Greece-EU confrontation lies the premises of a worldwide confrontation between the 1% mega-rich and the other 99%. The outcome of the Greece-EU conflict may have a broad impact affecting the entire planet. This is why the Greece question is so important and for which there is no simple answer.

How to handle a difficult question that common sense can’t answer? When logic and intuition are not enough to address an important question, one can either put it under the rug and hope for the best or seek an answer through non-rational beliefs. When this occurs to me I rely on consulting the sky, an approach that I learned over four decades and which already saved my life. The Greece-EU fight is a transpersonal problem that needs to be observed from Europe perspective, which in turn requires to be viewed from the world and the cosmic angle. “As above so below” attributed to Greek Hermes Trismegistus implies that there is a correlation between the realities of the macrocosm (sky) and the microcosm (earth). We all agree that the moon cycles correlate to the oceans tides and the sun cycles to the seasonal changes. This article assumes an unconventional approach, but keep reading despite a normal sceptic resistance.

Cycles between Uranus (1781), Neptune (1846) and Pluto (1930) correlate to world events. Unlike the closest planets in the solar system, these three farther celestial bodies are invisible to the naked eye and where only revealed after the invention of the telescope in the 17th century. While visible planets symbolism correlates more to personal lives, transpersonal meanings are attached to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Each one of those three bodies received a symbolic meaning corresponding to the type of society that existed during its discovery period. In a nutshell, Uranus = revolution (French revolution), Neptune = collectivism (Karl Marx) and Pluto = destruction (Great depression).

The current decade (2010-2019) is marked by a hard angle (90º) between Uranus and Pluto. The Uranus-Pluto cycle has marked the different revolutionary eras of our times. Let’s take a little look at astronomy: Uranus orbits around the sun in 84 years and Pluto in 248 years. Viewed from the earth, those 2 bodies form an angle –called aspect– covering a full cycle from 0º to 360º during a period varying between 114 and 141 years. Let’s look at recent cycles in history.

(1) First industrial era: 1709-1850 – agriculture, mining, manufacturing, mechanical technology

(2) Second industrial era: 1850-1964 – engines, cars, ships, railways, jets, space, engine technology

(3) Electronic era: 1964-2105 – processors, internet, computers, social networks, electronic technology

Each era’s cycle goes through 4 phases

(a) From 0º to 90º (First square): Denial

(b) From 90º to 180º (Opposition): Anger

(c) From 180º to 270º (Second square): Depression

(d) From 270º to 360º (Conjunction): Recovery

Let’s now look at the most recent phases

1934-1964: Industrial Era – Recovery phase. The Great Depression and WWII are painfully closing the industrial era to prepare the new post-war era of reconstruction and recovered happiness.

1964-2015: Electronic Era – Denial phase. This phase is ending now showing the conflict between the industrial era old industry leaders (Political money power) and the electronic era new technology leaders (Social networking power).

2015-2045: Electronic Era – Anger Phase. We will come to terms with the new reality and be angry against those who cultivated the collective delusion for so long as well as against ourselves to have allowed them to manipulate us.

The worldwide meaning of the Uranus-Pluto square for the ongoing 2010-2019 decade. The 90º exact aspect will have happened 7 times between June 2012 and March 2015. Symbolic meanings are as follows.

Uranus = Revolution, freedom, originality, humanism

Pluto = Destruction, power, change, renewal

Square = Tension, conflict, stress, struggle

In a nutshell, we can say that the ongoing decade is marked by a conflict (Square) between the destructive power of politico-finance (Pluto) and the humanitarian forces of freedom (Uranus). History moves only in one direction and at the end the fight for the past will fail, but not without a bloody conflict.

What does today Square Uranus-Pluto mean for Greece and for the EU? Whether for a person or a country, we can assume that the sky configuration at birth is the first image of its life movie. Modern Greece was born on March 25, 1821 when it became independent from the Ottoman empire. The EU was born on January 1, 1993 when the Maastricht Treaty entered in force. The next step consists to examine how today’s transiting square Uranus-Pluto is positioned in relation to the planets at Greece and EU births. Because of the limited scope of this article, I will simplify the reading.

(1) Greece: Born during a period where Uranus (revolution) was aligned with Neptune (collectivity), modern Greece is marked by a strong national identity of idealist romanticism, which explains why Greece has always been such an attractive destination for visitors. Today, transiting Uranus is aligned with Greece Saturn at birth. Saturn is the farthest planet visible with the naked eye, whose symbolism is about restriction, resistance and self-control.

(2) The EU: The square Uranus-Pluto is not representing any threat for the EU existence. In fact, (a) Greece represents only less than 3% of Europe GDP and (b) the actual conflict is mostly between lenders (politically represented by the EU) trying to minimize their losses with a bankrupt borrower. The EU will keep its stability whatever its financial outcome with Greece

As reason always compromise and passions never, what can Greece do? The square Uranus-Pluto financial problems that started in 2012 for Greece is now coming to term. Alexis Tsipras is facing a very uncomfortable dilemma, thorn between his party emotional expectations and his creditors logic requirements. On one hand he can’t disappoint Greeks hope for national freedom and on the other hand Greece cannot afford to leave the EU and tell the abusive creditors to go fly a kite. Saturn will force to seek a political compromise. Uranus-Saturn will impose an original resolution and Tsipras main difficulty will not be with the EU but with his own party emotional idealism.

How to reconcile Greek population idealism (heart) with EU creditors realism (head)? Politics being the art of the impossible, what are Tsipras options? Suffering will be unavoidable, but bankruptcy is better than coma and hope is better than despair.  Here is my proposed suggestion for a compromised resolution. Greece should create a double currency system, keeping the existing euro for all international transactions and a new devaluated drachma (or Greek euro) only usable within Greece borders for daily use. The new drachma, subject to variable exchange rate, would allow the Greek population to start rebuilding its economy, creditors will then have some hope for future revenue and Greece will not cause any destabilization of the eurozone. The Greek double currency would also serve as a viable example for other European countries, such as Spain and Italy, who are getting closer to jump in Greece footsteps. Whatever the resolution, today Greece is bankrupt and creditors can’t get blood from a turnip. Be prepared for a long and complex fight Greece-EU combining poker, chess and arm wrestling.