Fun Trivia … Guessing Celebrities Dominant Zodiac Signs

All 12 celebrities have at least 5 planets out of 10 –including the sun and the moon– in the same zodiac sign. Hover your cursor on the photos to reveal their dominant sign and name.

Find which is the star of your sun sign. Discover your own 10 planets positions in the zodiac signs.

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Serge Bernard

Born in Belgium, Serge Bernard graduated with a Master degree in Applied Sciences from the University of Brussels, followed by a Master degree in Astrological Science from the Superior School of Astrology in Paris and later a Master degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in California. Serge Bernard wrote books on art, astro-psychology and feng shui. Over his lifetime, he developed skills to seek and reveal the unknown about people themselves as well as about our world.

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