A Match Made In Heaven?

Only The Stars Know … Now, thanks to astrology you can too. 

Whether dating, engaged or married, questions about you, the other and the couple are limitless. Is he/she the right one? What are your and his/her strengths and limitations? Are you in love with the life you are living together? What are both contributing to the couple? Is there a need for a change and when? … Consulting the stars will help provide answers.

Revealing The Unknown About You

This blog is all about your happiness The seasons and our yearly life cycle are marked by the sun. Women’s monthly cycles and ocean tides relate directly to the moon. Astrology correlates planetary alignments at our birth with our life potentials. Both an art and a science, it is a tool that reveals the unknown parts of our inner personality and our … Continue reading Revealing The Unknown About You

Understanding How World Affairs Affect Our Life

All empires life cycles in history parallel the same 8-step cyclical planetary patterns. The United States is no exception. Understanding its life cycle is key to our own life plans. Discover Your Astro-Selfie Part 1 – History. All empires in history went from conquest to affluence to collapse. Regardless of financial strength, political power and knowledge of previous historical life cycles, no empire … Continue reading Understanding How World Affairs Affect Our Life

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