Astrology Is A Celestial Illumination Of Our Life

This blog is published by Serge Bernard who has been an astrologer since 1975. He helped hundreds clients resolve personal issues, find happiness as well as the meaning of their lives.

The zodiac is the definitive 12-chapter book of the unseen.

The zodiac is a ribbon in the sky by which the planets travel around the sun. Each planet has a different orbit and move at its own speed. The zodiacal band projects itself towards twelve constellations of stars on the celestial sphere. Their names are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc… and correspond to the twelve zodiac signs who became household words.

By analogy, we can say that the zodiac is a road on which the ten planets are moving cars. The twelve signs will then represent twelve types of road qualities on which the ten different kinds of cars will ride. For instance, a racing car will be more at ease on a fast highway than on a curvy narrow mountain path. To make things a little more complex all ten cars are driving simultaneously interacting with each another. Each sign has a symbolic meaning, that will be affected by the positions of all ten moving cars. Each road quality will have a different meaning whether the cars combination brakes or accelerates. In other words, the zodiac signs will have separate interpretations for introverted or extraverted combination of cars.

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