Understanding How World Affairs Affect Our Life

All empires life cycles in history parallel the same 8-step cyclical planetary patterns. The United States is no exception. Understanding its life cycle is key to our own life plans.

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Part 1 – History.

All empires in history went from conquest to affluence to collapse.

Regardless of financial strength, political power and knowledge of previous historical life cycles, no empire leader has ever been able to prevent its supremacy from collapsing. For instance, the successive Chinese dynasties would always rise, stay and fall regardless of lessons learned from the past. Empires life cycles would repeat over and over following a same cyclical pattern. In 1977, Sir John Glubb wrote an essay titled “The Fate of Empires” whose findings about superpowers life periods are summarized below.


We can see that during 3 millenaries the average superpowers duration period has been consistently of about 250 years. Let’s note that the full 250-year cycle corresponds to about ten 25-year generations. This 250-year duration presents an unexpected consistency, especially if we consider all the major changes during the 3000 years in transportation speed and weapons sophistication, which has expanded territories conquests from local to global. Regardless of the historical period, the life cycle was always of about 250 years. Something bigger than their leaders was inclining empires to rise and also to fall. While we could seek a spiritual explanation of divine influence, we can also look at the sky from an astrologer perspective and find out that there are perfect correlations between the 250-year empires live cycles and Pluto’s 247-year orbital cycle. When a country is born, Pluto occupies a certain position in the sky, which eventually will return to the same position in about 247 years. That period corresponds to the entire superpower life cycle. In his essay, Sir John Glubb also revealed that all empires cycles in history have followed a same 8-phase pattern process. I would like to clarify upfront that I am not an historian and am very interested of anyone’s comments about Glubb findings. In a nutshell, here are his findings about empires 8 common phases and their corresponding heroes.

  • Phase 1: Outburst – Pioneers
  • Phase 2: Conquest – Soldiers
  • Phase 3: Commerce – Merchants
  • Phase 4: Affluence – Businessmen
  • Phase 5: Intellect – Intellectuals
  • Phase 6: Decadence – Athletes
  • Phase 7: Decline – Musicians
  • Phase 8: Collapse – Actors

While not necessarily of equal duration, each phase would last an average of about 41 years.

Part 2 will be about the future of the USA world supremacy based on historical empires life patterns and Pluto cycles. This is a very important topic that can impact everyone’s own life. Subscribe to this blog to be notified when that post is published.

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